Elephants in the news.

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Lovestruck elephant breaks through
wall to be with his captive female

“Cape Town – A wild bull elephant in India has been named the Casanova of the animal kingdom after he broke through the enclosures of a zoo to be united with a captive female elephant named Heera, on whom he’s had his eye for some time. According to officials at the zoo, the wild elephant posed an imminent threat to the captive elephants and visitors, and the zoo had to be temporarily closed until the threat was removed. After Romeo was shooed away, he gazed melancholically upon Heera before walking away.” Source

Dwarf Elephant beats up big rival

“The elephant has a normal-sized head and body, but very short and stubby legs.Thought to be the first of his kind ever recorded, the elephant surprised the researchers further by engaging in his very own rumble in the jungle. What’s more, he appeared to be…

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