‘I am so posh’ Top 5 Favorite Sites

As I have perused the internet for quite a long time.  I have come to know and love specific sites.  Not only are they awesome, but easy to navigate and use to your benefit.

  1. Tumblr– It has been a long, slow, process but finally I can say this is my favorite site.  It is mainly for entertainment and blogging, which I love to do.  i currently have a book blog on here and I love using the apple app for Tumblr.  I can post pictures, text, etc on my app and it’ll go onto my blog.  This is a great tool for personal and professional blogs.
  2. HelloGiggles– This is ultimately my favorite website for reading articles, and discussing certain topics.  Overall, this website makes me feel like I am connected with the authors & it is easy to search certain topics for your personal taste.
  3. Wattpad– aka…

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