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I know this isn’t directly linked to writing, but I use Tumblr for writing, so yeah. This is just a few conclusions I’ve come to while using said platform. Perhaps you use Tumblr and you’ve come to these conclusions yourself. 🙂

One: it quickly becomes very much like Pinterest, but instead of pinning you’re reblogging. You’re reblogging picture after picture, and if no one talks to you, well, Tumblr’s a Pinterest you can add more words to. I noticed this last night while on my Tumblr. I reblogged streams of pictures only to end up at a dead-end, with no conversation, no friend, no messages in my Inbox. What’s the point, I figured? So off I went.

Two: without anyone to talk to, without anyone caring about your feed, your posts or anything else, Tumblr quickly becomes a very lonely place. It’s like a party packed with people, yet you’re…

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