Aamir Khan Sends Legal notice to Pakistani Websites


#AamirKhan sends legal notice to Pakistani websites over Fake interview !!!

Checkout – bit.ly/aamir-khan-sends-legal-notice-to-pakistani-websites-over-fake-interview

Aamir Khan

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7 Awesome Websites & Apps for Foreign Language Learners

Lingua Franca

by Liz Rothaus Bertrand

Hey, our generation of foreign language learners has got it pretty darn easy… Even though most of us can’t hop on a plane to a far away country at a moment’s notice, we can travel around the world at the touch of a screen or tap of a keyboard.  So, do it! Grab a coffee and practically any tech device to access your own virtual global cafe.

There are thousands of online resources available — some of which are great and some which are, well, not-so-great. Here’s a guide to seven of our favorite online resources. Most of these can be accessed anywhere, anytime for no or very low cost. They are a fantastic way to enrich your language skills, outside of the classroom.

Do you have more suggestions? We’d love to know what great websites or apps you’ve discovered. (By the way, if you’re a fan of super convenient ways to practice your speaking, be…

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Elephants in the news.

Find that website.

Lovestruck elephant breaks through
wall to be with his captive female

“Cape Town – A wild bull elephant in India has been named the Casanova of the animal kingdom after he broke through the enclosures of a zoo to be united with a captive female elephant named Heera, on whom he’s had his eye for some time. According to officials at the zoo, the wild elephant posed an imminent threat to the captive elephants and visitors, and the zoo had to be temporarily closed until the threat was removed. After Romeo was shooed away, he gazed melancholically upon Heera before walking away.” Source

Dwarf Elephant beats up big rival

“The elephant has a normal-sized head and body, but very short and stubby legs.Thought to be the first of his kind ever recorded, the elephant surprised the researchers further by engaging in his very own rumble in the jungle. What’s more, he appeared to be…

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Planbook: a web-based planner for Ontario teachers

Manitoulin Teacher

Do you Planbook? (If “Facebook” can be used as a verb now, then I’m going to make “Planbook” a verb too – as I definitely “planbook” more than I “facebook” in my life as an educator).

I began using this online planning tool in 2013 and I have never looked back. Seriously. This is probably the best $12 I spend annually as a teacher. It’s even better than coffee on Monday morning during report card season.  It’s THAT good! Or I just don’t have much of a life.

Some of my favourite features are:

  • you can plan from any computer with internet access
  • you can extend lessons onto the next day if you didn’t get them completed (a far-too frequent occurrence in my life)
  • direct links to the Ontario curriculum – really!
  • you can set it up to follow a 5-day schedule like we have in our Board
  • the…

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Must Know Things About Responsive Websites


Today, most companies seeing mobile traffic coming to their sites exploding, a lot of people are scrambling to make their sites accessible. Customers are interacting with and buying from businesses in totally new ways because of the mobile transition. Somehow many businesses have not yet realized that having the website responsive to mobile searches. It is a total media format change to transition your site to an improved responsive design. And, because so many sites need to be redesigned there are lots of differing opinions about the right way to do it. In this article, we provide some major insight into building responsive websites. As 2015 is now upon us, we must continue to build upon the integrated marketing digital approach to best reach your customers who continue to move to the mobile platform. Utilizing as many relevant channels of communication should be a goal in order to gain the…

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Future of Switch Web Design

Switch Web Design

Welcome to our blog!

We’re changing the way we blog at the end of this month, all articles on this blog will be copied into our existing website and all future blogs will be on our website the moment we launch it. The reason we came to WordPress was to see if people liked the idea of a blog from a web design company, people have shown an interest by liking and following us (Thank you!) so that means we’ll be continuing to do blogs but it’ll be through our website.

This gives us creative control over the page layout, fonts and colours and this means our website and blog are more consistent which makes it a much better experience for the users of our website, something we aim to achieve with every iteration of our website.

We’ll be releasing a blog shortly with details about our website and how…

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RetroLayer: Play Retro Games in Your Browser!

Old School Game Blog

Hi everyone,

Just checked my inbox and found a message from one of the members of The RetroLayer Team. It turns out that these guys managed to make something I believe a lot of old-school gaming enthusiasts will find interesting; a website where you can play golden oldies for free in your browser or download them!

A screenshot of the RetroLayer website (screenshot by Old School Game Blog) A screenshot of the RetroLayer website (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

The authors suggested the following links to check out:

– Dune (1992) – http://retro.layer22.com/games/dune
– Ghosts ’N Goblins (1987) – http://retro.layer22.com/games/ghosts-n-goblins
– The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate (1993) – http://retro.layer22.com/games/the-legend-of-kyrandia-hand-of-fate

Dune at RetroLayer (screenshot by Old School Game Blog) Dune at RetroLayer (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Wings of Fury at RetroLayer (screenshot by Old School Game Blog) Wings of Fury at RetroLayer (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Doesn’t it look great? I believe the project is in its beginnings, so more content will probably be added regularly the coming weeks and months.

I’m now going to…

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